Chesterfield Clock Repair
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                            Chesterfield Clock Repair

         Please visit us at our new location 
910 Kehrs Mill Rd, Suite 118, Ballwin, MO 
We face Kehrs Mill, just South of Clayton Rd

       Tue - Fri    11am-6pm
  home about us latest news support us conference 2012 conference 2011 eye centres eye treatments staging follow-up cancer that has spread external links contact us complaints welcome to ocumel uk, a charity which represents people suffering with ocular (uveal) melanoma. We hope that on our website you will find all the information you need to help you understand your condition and treatment options.   if you need more help, please  contact us , or if you would like to chat to other sufferers check out the eye cancer forum on the external links page.   if you agree with what we are doing please become a member of ocumel uk.    it's free and it will help us to continue our work. Need more info?   call our helpline on 01276 682190 latest patient meeting                      latest newsletter                    guidelines update what is ocular melanoma?   ocular melanoma is a cancer of the eye, including the iris, choroid or ciliary body. This can spread (metastasise) to other organs, typically the liver. Approximately 50% of patients will develop metastatic disease within 15 years of the original diagnosis, and once the liver is involved the cancer is currently incurable. However, if the spread is found early enough there are localised treatments that can potentially extend life expectancy or help improve quality of life for sufferers. buy cheap viagra cheapest overnight viagra discount viagra lowest prices viagra for sale generic viagra online cheap viagra cheap viagra viagra for sale buy viagra online generic viagra canada no prescription There are also many new drug therapies being brought to trial, and some of them have shown great success in other types of melanoma such as cutaneous melanoma (skin cancer).        when you are diagnosed with ocular melanoma, you will be referred to one of the specialist eye centres who will deal with the tumour in your eye. Your eye doctor will decide which is the best initial treatment for you. You will also have tests to work out whether your cancer has already spread and this is called staging.      if metastases are found at the time of diagnosis, your eye doctor will work closely with your oncologist to decide on the best course of treatment for your personal circumstances. If your cancer is contained within the eye at diagnosis you will be referred for ongoing follow-up , the aim of which will be to identify any future spread in a timely fashion. You will continue to have regular checkups of your eye and you may need further eye treatment depending.             Sat    11am-1pm     

Expert repair of all types and styles of mechanical clocks, watches, music boxes, and mechanical devices
House calls for Grandfather clocks. Pickups & Deliveries @ No additional charge. Discounts for Veterans.
Heirloom and vintage clock repairs and restoration our specialty. I also buy & sell antique clocks.
Thomas W. Jones, Owner  -- over 25 years of expert service in the St. Louis area.


American movement
This is an example of a common American clock movement. Produced in America circa 1920.
Early 20th century movement
A fine example of an American made movement. Common in the early 20th century.

Seth Thomas movement
A common Seth Thomas movement from the 1930's.