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Grandfather clock

German movement - circa 1928

Steve Stamer

Tom at Chesterfield Clock Repair repaired this clock which I had inherited. It had not run for at least 20 years. The clock is now running fine. The work was done on schedule. I would heartily recommend Chesterfield Clock Repair to anyone in need of mechanical clock repairs or restoration.
  Feel free to contact me at for a personal recommendation for Chesterfield Clock Repair.

James Gerst

I've had Chesterfield Clock Repair fix 2 old clocks which had not run for years. They've been running great since the repairs.

Mrs. John Smith

I've used Chesterfield Clock Repair numerous times over the last 10 years for repais and cleaning of some antique clocks.

Bob Francis

Tom Jones at Chesterfield Clock Repair has repaired 6 of my mechanical clocks. Some needed only cleaning, others needed some major repairs. In all instances, the work was done in a timely manner and to my complete satisfaction.
  You may contact me at for a personal recommendation of Chesterfield Clock Repair.